What are Marvel Value Stamps?

What are Marvel Value Stamps?
Welcome to the Marvel Value Stamp Index. This website is intended to provide comprehensive information on the Marvel Comics promotional programs which ran during 1974-1976, known as Marvel Value Stamps, Series A and Series B.

The 100 stamps in Series A could be clipped from the letters pages of various Marvel comic book titles and then taped into a 16-page Stamp Book which Marvel sold through the mail. The Series B stamps were 100 puzzle pieces that could be put together to form 10 larger images in a second Stamp Book.

The program destroyed the value of countless Marvel comics of this era, and missing value stamps are the bane of serious Bronze Age collectors. But if you were of a certain age when the program began, you may have feelings of nostalgia for these little stamps, despite the horror they wreaked on your collection.

Hopefully, this site will be useful both to nostalgic fans, and to collectors attempting to identify those issues where missing Marvel Value Stamps might present a problem.

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