Saturday, September 8, 2018

Marvel Values Stamps Index

What are Marvel Value Stamps? -- A brief introduction.
Stamps -- Each Series A stamp, in numerical order, with images.
Issues Checklist -- All Marvel comics with Series A stamps.
Stamp Book -- Browse several Stamp Books, complete and unused.
How I Attached the Stamps -- Hinged plastic sleeves!
Series B -- Info on the puzzle-piece second series and a checklist.
MVS 2017 Series! -- News on the 2017 Series from Marvel!
Auctions -- Information on stamp-related online auctions.
Marvel Legacy: 1970s Handbook #1 -- All-new Series A #101!
Marvel Legacy: The 1960s - 1990s Handbook TPB -- All-new Series A #102!
2006 Series -- Twenty-eight new stamps from Marvel Spotlight!
Covers -- View covers & interior pages used to create the stamps. Article -- An MVS article from!
CBA Vol. 3 -- An all-new article on Marvel Value Stamps!
The Marvel Vault contains stamps and other Marvel memorabilia.
Hype -- Bullpen Bulletin pages and other stamp-related material.
Ouch! -- The price you paid for clipping all those stamps.
Colors -- Same stamps; different color schemes...
Disclaimer -- This is an "unofficial" site with NO affiliation to Marvel.
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